Saturday, March 07, 2015

Senate moves for corruption inquiry

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SOME of Australia’s largest companies will be forced to defend themselves against allegations of foreign bribery if a new Senate inquiry championed by Labor senator Sam Dastyari goes ahead.
Senator Dastyari said the inquiry would call into question the practices at some of Australia’s largest companies, including Leighton Holdings (LEI) and mining giant BHP Billiton (BHP). Leighton Holdings, BHP, named as Senate moves for corruption inquiry

In a move likely to alarm boardrooms across the nation, Labor senator Sam Dastyari, along with key crossbenchers and the Greens, intends to launch a Senate inquiry into the alleged corrupt practices of Australian companies overseas and why some firms appear to be getting away with paying bribes to win contracts AFR

Australia's second ever foreign bribery investigation has been launched into a Sydney-based construction company with links to some of Australia's most notorious terrorists.
After a series of raids in Sydney last week, federal police charged the directors of construction company Lifese - Mamdouh and Ibrahim Elomar - with foreign bribery offences.
John Dowd

As sunlight is the best disinfectant to corruption, so transparency is one of the best deterrents to  tax evasion. Australia shouldn't be afraid to demand even more  Mark Zirnsak

The church's Victorian social justice spokesman, Mark Zirnsak told The Australian Financial Review that Glencore has been on its radar over ...Glencore has a tax transparency problem: Uniting Church
  1. Uniting Church examines Glencore's tax structure.
    The Guardian-12 Feb 2015
    Mark Zirnsak, the secretariat of the Tax Justice Network in Australia, said the absence of prosecutions raised concerns Australian tax office has not prosecuted any HSBC Swiss account ..