Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Follow the Money: Fifty Shades of Fraud Counterpunch

Are the methods and terms by which we’re collecting all this financial intelligence to use against some bad guys precisely what prevents us from holding the even bigger bad guys — the ones affecting far more of us directly, in the form of the houses we own, the towns we live in, the opportunity costs paid to financial crime — accountable?

 To move beyond boom and bust, we need a new theory of capitalism Paul Mason, Guardian. Terry Jones to popularize Hyman Minsky (!).

New study points to link between weedkiller glyphosate and cancer Financial Times (David L). Holy moley, Monsanto is finally fingered in a big way. If the connection is shown to be tighter, Monsanto could be on the way to suffering the same fate as asbestos companies.But the evidence is deemed “thin”.

Richard Roberts and David Kynaston, The Lion Wakes: A Modern History of HSBC.  This is an important book for the historian, but it is not written for the eye of the economist

What is the relationship between the economics blogosphere and academic economics? Alex on Quora

The behavioral economics of how restaurants can try to trick you

Meet the 26-year-old who’s taking on Thomas Piketty’s ominous warnings about inequality Washington Post. *Sigh”. Tons of people pointed out that r>g was bollocks, including a particularly devastating and rigorous critique by Lance TaylorPhilip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer, Amar Bhide, a group of young researchers in France, and a long list of “liberals” and leftists. Yet which critique does the Washington Post deign to notice? One from the right of center.

The SEC’s Andrew Bowden: A Regulator for Sale? Bill Moyers. We appreciate sites that cross post NC regularly like Truthout picking this story up. The fact that Moyers wanted to run it (a first for his site) means it is reaching an even wider audience.