Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bush of Balances

"What will it take for the major parties to prioritise the nation's food security and water resources for current and future generations of Australians because CSG is risking things that are priceless ..."  
Coal-seam gas mining to safeguard food and water security

A ministerial briefing to the then minister for home affairs, dated October 25, 2010, said the officer was "part of the team involved" in the 464-kilogram seizure but was "not part of the planning" of it. He was on duty in Port Macquarie only in case the Mayhem of Eden sailed there.
Accustomed to drugs

Labor says it's prepared to embrace new "sharing economy" applications such as Uber and Airbnb on the condition that they pay tax and don't erode workers' rights.
In launching a discussion paper on the sharing economy at the National Press Club on Tuesday, shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh will say Labor would be "squibbing" its responsibilities if it tried to shut them down Labor to embrace the sharing economy: imrich, uber and airbnb