Thursday, March 19, 2015

EPIC: St Jozef's Day

Media Dragon and Birds that bring gifts

Diky za pozdravy Eva, Gitka, Lidka, Magda et al ;-)

Our social and political life is awash in unconsciously held Christian ideas broken from the theology that gave them meaning, and it’s hungry for the identification of sinners—the better to prove the virtue of the accusers and, perhaps especially, to demonstrate the sociopolitical power of the accusers.
from Jozef (sic) Bottum

Some souls are lucky to come across teachers like Marta Chamilova and mentors like Dr Cope in their long days but short year lives ...

In an excellent piece on Lemov for The Guardian, Ian Leslie emphasizes that these subtle skills are often not recognized or even discussed by those who talk about education policy, or even by those who evaluate teachers.
David Brooks on what are the new skills we need, and also need to describe

Science of People research reveals specific nonverbal communication techniques that increase perceptions of TED influence Pat, Punj, 5 Secrets to Every Successful TED Talk

EPIC – “In a closed-door meeting, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence approved the Cyber Information Sharing Act of 2015. The bill would allow the government to obtain user information from private companies without judicial oversight. Companies would receive immunity for their disregard of existing privacy law. Senator Wyden, who opposed the measure, stated, “If information-sharing legislation does not include adequate privacy protections then that’s not a cybersecurity bill – it’s a surveillance bill by another name.” Last year, EPIC won a five-year court battle against the NSA for NSPD 54—the foundational legal document for U.S. cybersecurity policies. The Directive reveals the government’s long-standing interest in enlisting private sector companies to monitor user activity.”