Monday, February 23, 2015

Raw News

Be careful, as each choice has lasting consequences; throw a pebble in the pond, and its ripples will spread throughout the rest of the water.” The raw Cold River stories are weighted with bad corporate and parliamentary mischievous behaviours ...

Also, unlike Silicon Valley, the Stasi was regulated.
That is from Bryan Appleyard

Czech out the hand of fate relating to human remains ... Here is why your human resources department hates you

As The Telegraph exposes Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind for offering their services to a private company for cash, we monitor the political and media raw reaction

Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind offered to use their positions as politicians on behalf of a fictitious Chinese company in return for payments of at least £5,000 per day. Cash for access scandal

Media Dragons like Deputy NSW police commissioner Nick Kaldas deserve an apology for being targeted with dozens of listening device warrants more than a decade ago, an upper house inquiry is expected to recommend Bugging Birriga Roads

Mr Wickremesinghe, who began his third term in office last month after former president ­Mahinda Rajapaksa lost the election, also hinted that Mr Packer’s cancelled casino licence was the subject of political favour Casino Hand of Fate