Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bitter Lakes and Mt Blanc Stories

‘Increasingly, we live in a world where nothing makes any sense,” says Adam Curtis. “Events come and go like waves of a fever, leaving us confused and uncertain. Those in power tell stories to help us make sense of the complexity of reality, but those stories are increasingly unconvincing and hollow.”

Bitter Lake – review: Adam Curtis’s beautiful, gripping film unravels a story of violence, bloodshed and bitter ironies Guardian

Exclusive SMH and AFR: Former NSW premer Barry O'Farrell was bought a $1195 Mont Blanc luxury pen by a company in the bidding for major construction contracts in Sydney – according to its records – but the outgoing politician says he has no memory of receiving the gift and it has never been declared on the parliamentary register of interest as required by law. 
Fairfax Media is not suggesting Mr Tannous had any role in the purchase of a pen for Mr O'Farrell Mont blanc pen;  Local constituents are wondering if he wrote the thank you note for the wine with the pen ... Locals get politicians they deserve