Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Observers: Do Not Cite or Circulate

“The public life of liberal Hollywood comprises a kind of dictatorship of good intentions, a social contract in which actual and irreconcilable disagreement is as taboo as failure or bad teeth.”
At first I thought I had walked out of the rain and into a time warp: the Sixties seemed not to have happened.

 Lee Anne Fennell, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, has written a short and amusing paper entitled “Do Not Cite or Circulate.” It’s directed at legal academics, but applies just as well to philosophers. From the opening paragraph:

Law professors, who are generally quite enamored of their own words and not especially reluctant to toss around their..

Check out “Hanti’s Notes on Doing a PhD and Getting a Job in Philosophy” by Hanti Lin, assistant professor of philosophy at UC Davis. It has a lot of good advice. Of particular value is the “When to do what?” 

A Swedish person is extremely unlikely to get in an elevator if someone else is already in there.

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