Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bugging Sagas

Nothing surprises any more about the depths to which NSW bureaucracies can sink. 

It was around August, 2012, when a retired NSW police officer telephoned and asked to meet. "I might have something for you," he said. He did indeed.
The former detective superintendent walked into the Rozelle cafe with a small suitcase. Stuffed into the bag were hundreds of pages of secret and confidential documents from the vaults of the NSW Police Force and the NSW Crime Commission relating to allegations, stretching back a decade, of illegal bugging by some of the 'white knights' of the NSW Police Force Bugging revelations stun journalists as inquiry unfolds

NSW Police bugging informant known to be corrupt

Academic historians condemn the past to somehow reform the present. The tendency isn’t new, says Gordon Wood. But it’s getting worse ...