Monday, February 09, 2015

Fairfax Media has struck partnership with The Huffington Post Media Group

Neil Gaiman explains one of the easy ways to become a writer. You just wake up one day, after having tasted the fruit of a certain tree. You'll see what I mean.

Fairfax Media, of Webdiary Fame, has struck a multi-year partnership with The Huffington Post Media Group to launch an Australian edition of the US-based news and opinion website, featuring a Sydney-based newsroom of editors and reporters Why Arianna Huffington is coming Down Under

Australian PM brings forward vote on leadership to Monday via global Reuters nothing from Huffington yet

From Monthly blog to daily posts

The Drum PM fights in leadership battle, but how goes the war?
The end of the low-pay puzzle? Economist. Cutting benefits forced people to take crap jobs, goes the story. But it’s all good, because now they can ask for raises!

We hate it when we agree with Alan Jones