Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fear Business & Sensors and Journalism

INK BOTTLE“Schoolboys, like other primitive people, ill-treat those who scorn them and those who shrink from them.”
- David Cecil, Max: A Biography of Max Beerbohm

CBS is in the fear business. Terror is one of their most reliable profit centers.”

Tow Center for Data Journalism – December 3, 2014. Sensors and Journalism: “This report you have opened is not monolithic. You can match its sections to your needs. The first section introduces our topic. It starts by describing the landscape where sensors and journalism combine, and continues on to define necessary terms for understanding this area of research. Reporters are using sensors in an era when the rapid development of technology is moving data into the mainstream of journalism. The increasing ubiquity of sensors, their increasing capability and accessibility are on the supply side, while investigative reporters, computer aided reporters and journalist/technologists are on the demand side.

Motivational Laozi 

Australia's 20 Best Business blogs: 2015, Broede Carmody, Eloise Keating and Kirsten Robb, SmartCompany, 17 February 2015. This annual list of Australia's Best Business Blogs are ones SmartCompany thinks offer the best free advice for small business owners. From avoiding insolvency to using big data, there's something for everyone. Business Bloggers DownUnder

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