Monday, February 02, 2015


INK BOTTLE“I like all music. It makes you feel like living. Silence is death.”
~  John Cassavetes (as interviewed inCinéaste de notre temps: John Cassavetes)
A young woman accustomed to living the life of the mind dives head first into the corporate world in this satiric comedy from Italy. Marta (Isabella Ragonese) is a woman in her early twenties who has just received a graduate degree in Philosophy, and now has to find a way to support herself in the real world. Despite the encouragement of her professors, Marta is unable to land a job in academia, and for a while she finds herself working as a babysitter for Sonia (Micaela Ramazzotti), a single mom with remarkably bad parenting skills. Muzika in call centers means death ... Her Whole Life Ahead of Her

The head-neck problem. Humans are easy to decapitate: the price we pay for standing upright. Beheadings are horrifying – and fascinating...Meaningless Lives

Biography in the age of psychoanalysis. Some lives – Freud’s, for example – resist neat explanation. Enter the “bio-riff”... Morava born and bred boy who swept Vienna off its feet

No one could work out at the HMRC characters such as Phil Pavitt