Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Doodling Currents and Slogans

~ Politics of contaminated rasp-berries

“Don’t slogan at them, don’t pretend problems don’t exist.”
Mr Turnbull described (sacking of chief whip, Philip Ruddock) as a "captain's call", a cheeky reference to the autonomous decision-making that nearly ended Mr Abbott's prime ministership.
Iceberg of Bondi fame Malcolm Turnbull shows how to swim in icy waters of Q and A

In Briitish born Tony Abbott’s Australia, a young woman faces jail because word got out that one of his daughters was given a $60,000 scholarship to study at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. This scholarship was never advertised. Students at the college in Sydney had no idea such largesse was available. 
Freedom Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been hit by another embarrassing leak from within his party, forcing him to deny a media report he came up with a plan to unilaterally invade Iraq with a force of more than 3000 Australian troops to confront Islamic State New wave of leaks forces Tony Abbott on to back foot

Vintage Lisa Wilkinson delivers assessment Tony Abbott

Alessandro Volta’s 270th Birthday Google Doodle
Alessandro  Volta's of battery fame, 270th Birthday Google Doodle
Google on Alessandro Voltas 270th birthday

It has been a source of amusement for NSW politics tragics but the fake Eddie Obeid Twitter account has now been suspended. The brains behind the @HonEddieObeid account, which boasted just over 1500 followers before it was removed, had been posting the satirical tweets as recently as January 20 Fake Eddie Obeid twitter account suspended