Saturday, February 28, 2015

Certainties of Life and Work

Watch out, coders — a robot may take your job, too InfoWorld

 "The structure of routine comforts us, and the specialness of ritual vitalizes us," explains Maria Popova. "A full life calls for both — too much control, and we become mummified; too little excitement and pleasurable discombobulation, and we become numb. After all, to be overly bobulated is to be dead inside — to doom oneself to a life devoid of the glorious and ennobling messiness of the human experience."
She rejoices over a book by Anne Lamott on organizing our chaos with hope

cbsnews on hsbc investigation-60-minutes

“`Write shorter epigrams’ is your advice.
Yet you write nothing, Velox. How concise!” 
maptitude1 "Walled world" - the uneven distribution of population and wealth worldwide - Theo Deutinger
observe that the hard red lines indicate some of the most heavily policed borders on earth. that’s not an accident. Walled World via starlingsongs:

Motivational Nietzsche 3
San Francisco Chronicle, Here’s Why Uber and Lyft Send Drivers Such Confusing Tax Forms:
Uber and Lyft say their drivers are independent contractors, not employees. But when it comes to income-tax reporting, they are treated as neither. Uber, Lyft, and the IRS

Blog of the Legal Times, Suit Accuses Feds of Unlawfully Seizing Tax Refunds

BuzzFeed, These Professors Want Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate To Pay A Tax