Friday, January 02, 2015

Wisdom of MMXV

Story of another Misha Cat Finds His Way Home After Being Accidentally Sold With a Mattress Gawker

Via NPR – “Before Google there was — that paragon of accuracy and calm — the librarian. The New York Public Library recently came upon a box of questions posed to the library from the 1940s to the ’80s — a time capsule from an era when humans consulted other humans for answers to their daily questions and conundrums…The NYPL will be sharing these questions from the archive every Monday on its Instagram account with the hashtag #letmelibrarianthatforyou. Librarian Rosa Caballero-Li says that today, more than 100 questions still come into the NYPL’s Reference and Research Services desk every 24 hours. It’s not just fact checking — it’s questions of etiquette, opinion, contact information, even shopping.”

On the Stupidity of Demand Deficient Stagnation Mainly Macro. The eternal question: Stupid, or evil? I don’t agree that it’s the stupid. Austerity is the preferred policy outcome for elites because it works in their interests, as they perceive and define them, and who else is going to? Start with cheaper and more “loyal” servants. And the Cossacks work for the Czar. This really isn’t hard, people.