Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The most dangerous man

“If a man hasn’t discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr. – of “I Have A Dream’ speech fame

In Wagner, we encounter a truth: Anti-Semitism is a metaphysical condition that can express itself in unexpected forms, even abstract sound and opera...Wagner of rings... --- Biased Composers

“The most dangerous man in America.” Could it be an unstylish, self-deprecating, confrontation-averse law professor? Risque Akademik

American Orwell. Irving Howe was a tender polemicist, a socialist with conservative cultural tastes and a deep commitment to heterodoxy...Havel and Howe(ll)

Cowardice and courage no longer carry the moral resonance they once did. They now tend to be used as goads to violence... Virtues of Nothingness

Does great expertise make for great criticism? Not always. Knowing everything about a topic forecloses on original and unexpected takes. Experts

Edgar Allan Poe: popular writer, successful editor, and always meagerly paid. Nearly everything he wrote, he wrote for money

Lionized in his own time, Beethoven was nonetheless in a perpetual rage. Thus hisfondness for Exclamation Points

In one restaurant in China, people like Media Dragons, beautiful people, eat for free

The blockchainiacs?

3-D printed drones

British markets in everything: fish and chips chips

In praise of Piketty’s translator
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