Monday, January 19, 2015


Doesn’t science make philosophy obsolete?

Anne Applebaum writing how Vladimir Putin and cronies looted Russia should add to the title, “How The West Drove The Getaway Car.” To suggest that looting occurred independently of the corrupt offshore system organized by Western banks finesses the truth
When Browder and his partners, billionaire investor Kenneth Dart and New York investor Francis Baker, bought Avisma from Khodorkovsky in 1997, they agreed the corrupt profit skimming would continue...

Komisar Scoop


A close friend, NSW Labor MP Lynda Voltz, said Mr O'Grady was "tenacious and extraordinarily clever, with a little bit of the Machiavellian in there"

Paul O'Grady dies

I should like to place on record my thanks to the Parliamentary Library staff who, over many months, have contributed greatly to my knowledge on this issue. I refer particularly to such people as Richard Baker, Greig Tillotson, Warren Cahill, Joseph Imrich and Margaret Horton, who have continually come up with all sorts of articles and books, an action that I have appreciated. I also thank Veronica, who has typed many editions of this speech. I hope the House finds it worthy of careful consideration. LC Hansard Paul O’Grady 17 October 1989 

Charlie and Theo Project Syndicate (David L). A particularly good piece on the “free speech” angle

 Coda: When I was new to the library world, I learned how to do "reference service work". The library customer would walk through the doors and ask for a subject. Whether it was too broad or too narrow in focus, it was my job to find the answer. I noticed every day that the people who were asking the questions were the same people every day. Repeat business meant you were doing the job right ... Bringing Out the Best ...