Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Outlaws: Brown Snake at Maroubra

INK BOTTLE“Children often have a sense of fun, but it is very rare for them to take a predominantly humorous view of life, still less an ironical pleasure in the spectacle of human folly. If humour comes into their daydreams at all, it is as comic relief to thrills and romance.”
~ David Cecil, Max: A Biography of Max Beerbohm

Yes, I’ve been fortunate beyond my wildest dreams and am well aware that it would be churlish to ask for more. Be that as it may, I still wish that I saw that brown snake so many people talked about ... While dragons were solving the world's problems and walking with father-in-law at the Maroubra Beach a large large Bown Snake  was spotted having a great time terrorising local wild walkers this morning while Malchkeon was asleep ;-) The Daily Terror only has images of the friendly black and red creatures:

Red-bellied black snakes have been spotted around the Maroubra sand dunes. Photographer:
Red-bellied black snakes have been spotted around the Maroubra sand dunes. Photographer: Liam Kidston.
Swimmers at a NSW north coast beach were forced to flee the water when a brown snake unexpectedly emerged from the surf at One Mile Beach.
Onlookers were expecting a shark when lifeguards blew warning whistles, but instead the 1.5-metre snake made its way to the shore from between the flags at the beach at Forster.
Mr Scott also said he was impressed that the snake knew where to swim.
"It was doing the right thing and swimming between the flags," he said.
Brown snakes are considered one of the world's most venomous snakes and are often found in sand dunes along the NSW coast.
 Forstering Brown Snakes

 A beach on Sydney’s south coast has been closed off after a beached whale attracted sharks to the area.
Herald Sun photographer Alex Coppel captured a series of images of the whale — thought to be a juvenile humpback — while on holiday at South Broulee beach, south of Batemans Bay.
At the time, the creature had an injured fin and a crowd of about 100 people gathered to watch, with a few brave enough to touch.
Batemans Bay Beach Whales and Sharks

Kay Bell, Look out for phishing scam from fake Treasury Secretary

 Telstra is trialling a new service that sends security codes to mobile phones before granting access to customers' private details, including call and location histories, after it was revealed how easy it was to hack into any customers' online billing account.
We Told Them So