Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Dragon’s Dominance Comes To An End

Even When They Don’t Have Jobs, Men Do Less Housework Than Women Slate

LARRY PAGE’S NIGHTMARE: How Google’s Dominance Comes To An End Business Insider

Many variants of Moore’s Law are now over Moore Less Laws

Common Yellowthroat XI

Social media becomes part of a digitally transformed ecosystem Real-time and content marketing becomes more sophisticated and portable Social becomes key hub for shaping customer experiences Social connects the Zero Moment of Truth and the Ultimate Moment of Truth
Twenty Five (25) media dragon trends in MMXV

Big savvy internet publishers will spend a lot of money posting things directly to social networks that they do not own or control. This will be a success by every immediately important measure: these posts will reach and delight many people; they will assume new forms, most of which will have fresh potential as vessels for advertising. Some of these forms will closely resemble common website posts, which will suddenly feel clumsy and unnecessary. Other types of website posts will not find a comfortable home on social networks. From the networks’ perspectives, this will be fine—these posts never did that well anyway. The publication of non-viral, non-native-social content will begin to be viewed by a new breed of triumphalists as either pathetic or vain. Home pages—now less curated selections of stories than uncomfortably revealing glimpses into the social sausage factory—will be considered by large sites to be something of a liability Some predictions

Hacked emails reveal China’s elaborate and absurd internet propaganda machine Quartz.

Coal Companies Are Selling Coal To Themselves To Get More Government Subsidies ThinkProgress

House prices: The luxury London bubble has burst Telegraph