Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Elements of The Fourth World Sydney in the eyes of the Fifth Estate

While Dr Cope was at the head of the Parliamentary Library, we had a day few will forget as Bernard Woolley and Paul Eddington came to visit the colonial collection of books ;-) Parliament House is based right next to the Florence Nightingale wing of the Sydney Hospital...

"The Compassionate Society" is the eighth episode of the BBC comedy series Yes Minister and was first broadcast 23 February 1981. In this episode, the final "Yes Minister" is uttered by Bernard Woolley.

Discussing a hospital that has 500 administrators, but no doctors, nurses, or patient
James Hacker: You think it's functioning now?
Mrs. Rogers: Minister, it's one of the best run hospitals in the country. It's up for the Florence Nightingale Award.
James Hacker: And what, pray, is that?
Mrs. Rogers: It's won by the most hygienic hospital in the area. Empty Hospitals 

Patients and paramedics were kept waiting up to 20 hours in a western Sydney emergency department on Monday as holiday bed closures led to delays throughout the hospital and ambulance network.
A paramedic source said Blacktown Hospital "closed" 60 beds during the holiday period to accommodate staff holidays. 
Sydney Hospitals

A seemingly endless queue  of buses is at a standstill on Sydney Harbour Bridge due to roadwork in the CBD, with reports some commuters have been forced to wait up to three hours.
The Transport Management Centre has attributed the hold up to roadwork in the CBD with buses that normally use George Street being diverted via King and Elizabeth Streets via Castlereagh Street and buses using temporary bus stops.

Sydney Roads

Another proof that God is on the Catholic Side of Religion Luke Foley Versus the Anglican Mike Baird ... the case is closed. Luke will rule Sydney by April 2015 ...

Coda: Whatever happened to C Newman  Queensland Liberal Premier’s crazy call to retain power The Newman government appears keen to distance itself as much as possible from its federal counterpart, with the Premier making a point of the state's "sovereignty" on the first day of the state election campaign.
Abbott and Newman