Saturday, January 24, 2015

Australia Day Long Weekend - Life is Beautiful Down Under

There are ways of highlighting plays and culture Slavic or Antipodean as one sits around the round glass tables... Instead of Tolstoy Tyson shares recipes for happiness the author of The Wonderbox: Curious Histories of How to Live, collect stamps and letters ...Tolstoy on Happiness : Ope. Your Media Dragon Minds

There are ways to create the illusion of space with designers highlighting the need to remain clutter free, using a neutral colour palette, with pops of colour in accessories, and low furnishings.
Create the illusion of space outside the three layer garden

Light Garden Perusal ... Using a technique known as x-ray phase-contrast tomography (XPCT), a research team in Italy has figured out a way to read the text of ancient rolled-up scrolls that had been blackened, warped, and embrittled in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The scrolls were found in 1752 during excavations in Pompeii. Most of the approximately 1,800 (!) scrolls found so far have been impossible to read or even unroll without destroying. According to an article at Smithsonian Magazine, “most of the scrolls that have been unwrapped so far are Epicurean philosophical texts written by Philodemus—prose and poetry that had been lost to modern scholars until the library was found… Modern scholars debate whether the scrolls were part of Philodemus’ personal collection dating to his time period, or whether they were mostly copies made in the first century A.D.” Further details about the technique are also described at the website of the European Synchotron, the particle collider that was needed “to produce the high-energy beam of x-rays needed for the scans,” and at Nature Communications.

What do economists know about love, marriage, divorce, bargaining, and all that stuff?  The difficulty of recontracting is perhaps a relevant point here

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