Saturday, December 09, 2023

Now We’re Cooking

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The best books of 2023

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 Now We’re Cooking

photos of some cooking-related gifts

Here are a few things to help your loved ones outfit their kitchens this holiday season. I got a wok recently and it’s been fun cooking with it — this Joyce Chen carbon steel wok is a great one. (And it pairs well with Kenji López-Alt’s The Wok cookbook). I love this gorgeous Japanese whale butter dish, but this butter crocklooks neat as well. I love my Ernest Wright kitchen scissors — and this pair looks equally amazing.

The Ooni Volt electric pizza oven (Amazon) doesn’t give you the smoky flavor of their wood & pellet ovens, but it is unbelievably easy to use and cranks out delicious pies. For smaller savory round foodstuffs, try this Dash Mini Waffle MakerThis tortilla press from Masienda is awfully tempting…it’s hard to find good tortillas here in VT.

For the Bookish

I haven’t had time to compile my EOY books list yet (and may not get around to it), but books are always the most popular items under our tree. Rapid-fire-style, here are a few titles that caught my gifter’s eye over the past year: