Thursday, December 07, 2023

More Templates: How To Tell Whether Research is Trustworthy

Technology that can quickly combine and analyse billions of disparate pieces of data into a “single source of truth” is helping authorities fight back against sophisticated criminals and simultaneously improving the speed and efficiency of government decision-making.

Known as Decision Intelligence, its ability to draw together enormous tracts of internal and external data into a single trusted source has been used by the British Cabinet office and the Australian Government to trace sophisticated networks and crack down on fraud in government programs.

The government’s desire to have access to the bank accounts of every benefit claimant – including pensioners – whilst refusing to take powers to tackle tax abuse – reveals malicious intent on their part

This speech was made by Labour backbench Sir Stephen Timms in the House of Commons on 29 November during a debate on the government’s new
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Hunter Biden got staggering $4.9M from ‘sugar brother’ Kevin Morris: IRS whistleblower.

How To Tell Whether Research is Trustworthy

Lately, however, the social-science world has become mired in controversy. Researchers themselves have started to note that many famous experiments have been debunked—such as, indeed, the Stanford prison experiment—or simply can’t be replicated. - The Atlantic

Elon Musk said something very rude and mean to advertisers. It’s because he wants Twitter to die. Slate

Opinion | Advertisers are backing away from Elon Musk’s X

Is his reckless and odd behavior with his social media toy finally catching up with him?

How Russian falsehoods spread to the US through faux local news

Tech platforms enforced bans against Russian state media following its invasion of Ukraine. Russia

Mark Bradford Wins The New $500,000 Getty Prize

 Starting this year, the award comes with $500,000 for the winner to donate to a non-profit of their choice. (Bradford has yet to announce his pick.) - The Art Newspaper