Monday, September 11, 2017

New York Kame to Sydney

"The plays I love and the parts I love are the ones that make people feel less alone. That's a huge part of great art for me--human beings comforting one another with their shortcomings."
~ Cherry Jones sharing her wisdom with Ms Gabriella Imrich while she was in NY (as quoted in The New York Times Magazine, Sept. 20, 2013) 

"She was never ironic or sarcastic or cynical or nihilistic or contemptuous or any of those things, which are all the signs of the tarantula in smart people, the resentful small deadly creature that never fights...that only waits to bitefiercely and maybe kill you that way."
~ Tom Wolfe, Back to Blood

Indian government lodges official diplomatic protest about 'offensive' Australian lamb ad

We Love Our Lamb In Spring Man! - YouTube Via Gabbie 

Introducing the beautiful Gabriella Imrich as character Rory. Gabriella is a 2013 graduate of 16th Street Actors Studio’s Full-Time program. After graduating she went on to train in New York City with Karl Bury and Terry Schreiber. Last year she was given funding to produce a show in Sydney that she co-wrote and performed, PROJECT OÜAHN, which Suzy Wrong named top 5 experimental works of 2015. She was a participant of the 2016 Larry Moss Masterclass in Melbourne and is currently in rehearsals for a new work opening in May by The Bakers Dozen. Since being given the opportunity to put on her own production last year, she has been focusing her energies on creating opportunities for herself that will not only foster her development and craft as an actor but now as a theatre maker and storyteller. #pyramid 

To celebrate the launch of Tiffany & Co.'s edgy new HardWear collection last night, a slew of Sydney's cool girls stepped out wearing their finest party attire.

To launch its new hardwear collection, tiffany & Co. opted not for harbourisde glamour but inner-city grunge to conjure a new york city warehouse of the 70s

In keeping then, the Australian launch of the modern new Hardwear collection was an high stakes affair and matter of quality not quantity in the guest department. Given the unfortunate absence gap in Gaga's schedule which prevented her being able to fun down to join the fun, Lara Worthington (nee Bingle), who is a 'friend' of the brand, stepped in as the guest of honour during a whirlwind Australian visit.

Around 250 more guests joined her at the event, held in a disused Railway Workshop in Redfern that had been transformed from dusty shell to graffiti-splashed disco heaven, complete with enormous gold glitter ball, towering DJ booth and New York-esque neon lights. Watch a video above for a snapshot of the night's highlights.
    The venue was adorned with one giant disco ball for added party atmosphere.

when you get to dj for Tiffany & Co.'s hardwear launch in the new range and Armani, it's not a bad nights work 💎
Tiffany Style

Tiffany Hardware - Gaga x Tiffany1

Okay, I’m not going to lie…you get Lady Gaga on a campaign and I’m all over it.  So, when I saw the commercial during the Superbowl, I got a little excited and immediately couldn’t wait to see the collection.  Thanks, Lady Gaga for introducing Tiffany & Co. new Spring 2017 Collection – Tiffany Hardware. This collection is elegantly subversive and captures the spirit of the women of New York City

Wish July 2017 — Glitter ball