Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Calling All Slavic Amerikan Bookworms

Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.
— Samuel Johnson, born in 1709

Google and Blogspot tweets “Calling all bookworms!  Now you can take a look at what  eBook - Kindle Store are available to borrow at your local library, right in Search…” via SlashGear

 “Nothing is as it was…To understand nothing”: Julia Hartwig, “the Grand Dame of Polish Poetry,” 1921-2017 | The Book Haven

Why Don't We All Speak the Same Language? (Earth 2.0 Series)

Not nice to be calling hurricane after my Mamka 

Why Hurricane Maria Surprised Forecasters By Getting So Strong So Fast FiveThirtyEight

Category 4 Hurricane Maria takes aim at Puerto Rico

‘‘This is going to be an extremely violent phenomenon,’’ Gov. Ricardo Rossello said. ‘‘We have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history.’’


How Indy Bookstores Are Making Themselves Popular Again

“Bookstores are making a comeback. Just take a look at the membership numbers of American Booksellers Association (ABA), a trade organization that works with independent bookstores: In 2009, ABA membership hit a low, with just 1,651 locations. Like a phoenix, that number has risen for the last seven years, reaching more than 2,320 locations in 2017. Book sales in independent stores are also up. According to the ABA, book sales in U.S. indie shops grew more than 10 percent in 2015 over the previous year, and in 2016 sales at independent bookstore were up nearly 5 percent.”

Xia Zhenkai From Guangdong, China, 1st Place, People
Smokers are the last nice people online