Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Breaches: Trust Equifax

Trust me, I’m lying Eurozine 

"More and more, employees are lying, scamming, and deceiving to advance their interests."
When a journal article begins with such a bold statement, especially when featured in one of the most prestigious academic publications, it warrants closer attention. Serious academics are not the type of people prone to hyperbole, so when their soon-to-be-published study refers to the "upward trend in workplace cheating behaviour", you just know there's a lot of substance to it

Artificial Intelligence detects gay faces ...

Voters have a right to keep their political beliefs private. But according to some researchers, it won’t be long before a computer program can accurately guess whether people are liberal or conservative in an instant. All that will be needed are photos of their faces. 
Michal Kosinski – the Stanford University professor who went viral last week for research suggesting that artificial intelligence (AI) can detect whether people are gay or straight based on photos – said sexual orientation was just one of many characteristics that algorithms would be able to predict through facial recognition. Using photos, AI will be able to identify people’s political views, whether they have high IQs, whether they are predisposed to criminal behavior, whether they have specific personality traits and many other private, personal details that could carry huge social consequences, he said.
Artificia Iintelligence face recognition can also tell if you are a communist, dull and igly

Story image for nazi gay from OUTinPerthABC radio caller praises Hitler for putting gay people in concentration camps

STATUTORY DAMAGES OF $1500 TO EACH PERSON WHOSE DATA IS STOLEN WOULD WORK, I’LL BET:  Equifax’s Massive ID Theft Is a Reminder That Firms Need Incentives to Keep Data Safe.

I DON’T TRUST THE INTERNET OF THINGS:  Hackers could program sex robots to kill.

Facebook’s self-policing needs an update FT

In China, facial recognition is used to buy KFC, board planes, and catch drug users
Private companies and government entities have successfully deployed facial recognition technology for a number of different purposes, ranging from shopping to public safety.

The Crypto- Keepers Yasha Levine, The Baffler

Equifax Lobbied To Kill Rule Protecting Victims Of Data Breaches David Sirota, International Business Times

Unlike a typical Caymans visit, which should involve "sex, sun, rum and a little shopping" as John Grisham wrote in his bestseller The Firm, Bagnall's stay was all business.

George Kerr's Cayman Islands legal fight shines light on a reclusive figure

Who we are as data might soon become more important than who we are as people
Quartz, 4/5/17. In our digital worlds, there is a gap between the real you and the algorithmic “you.” Online, you live in a realm functionally distinct from the world you thought you knew: one where your data assigns you a gender different from your own, or a citizenship unlike the one in your passport. Your right to privacy from government surveillance modulates according to how the NSA interprets your data via its algorithmic logic of citizenship.

Leaked Brexit document shows plans for digital immigration status checker portal
Computer Weekly, 6/9/17. The digital “status checker” service will be supported by “improved data sharing capabilities between government departments, notably between the Home Office, HM Revenue and Customs [HMRC], and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), to link together tax, benefit and immigration records in a fully automated and digital way.”