Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Who Is Who of ICAC NSW

A tangled web: ICAC investigates NSW corruption ... The latest investigations by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) have embroiled figures from both sides of politics, sparked the resignation of a premier, and raised questions about the role of lobbyists and political donations. ICAC relationships graph (hat tip to RA)

How money flows to the NSW Liberals

This chart shows 10 years of donations and financial transactions declared by the Free Enterprise Foundation, the associated entity of the Liberal Party named in ICAC this week as being used to "disguise donations from prohibited donors". Use the year selector to change financial years.

“The whole of the Central Coast runs the risk of becoming a laughing stock,”  Academic Richard Stanton

Along with Eddie Obeid Jr, he would convince Rod de Aboitiz (school captain 1988) and Tony Karam (school captain 1995) to invest family money in Australian Water Holdings. Born in a solid Labor family, Di Girolamo grew up in Five Dock and became involved in the Liberal Party through John Brogden, a fellow student in the class of 1987 at St Patrick’s. (John was given a copy of Cold River in 2012 AD as Andrew Tink former chair of NSW PAC was the first person next to him after john's attempt to commit suicide)

St Patrick’s (stranger than fikcion as mediadragon's confirmation  name) features prominently through the story of AWH. Even Geoffrey Watson SC, counsel assisting the ICAC, is a St Pat’s old boy.

St Patrick Nick-di-Girolamo, John Brogden Geoff Watson etc

Embattled former mining magnate Nathan Tinkler and a man with alleged Mafia links are also among the figures who will appear. John Caputo, a former mayor of Warringah, is a committee member of Mr Abbott's Warringah federal electorate conference and vice-president of Mr Baird's Manly state electoral conference Mafia Sopranos at ICAC

Joe Tripodi a story filled with luck gone in wrong direction

Peace was brief for ALP factions.