Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gary Sturgess: the craft of citizenship

A former mandarin has voiced concerns about the disappearing craft of the public service and the ability of bureaucrats to speak truth to power... 
Gary Sturgess is credited with establishing NSW’s public sector corruption watchdog and helped set up the Council of Australian Governments and now says modern bureaucrats are studying less and not communicating enough with colleagues.
It often left them outgunned by well-staffed ministerial offices looking for solid direction amid the onslaught of the 24-hour media cycle.
"Some people have said to me the public service has given up the field"

Former senior public servant, Gary Sturgess, has raised concern today about the declining role of the public service, whose influence has been eroded, leading to a raft of poor policy outcomes.
‘‘There is a role to play in making sure ministers don’t rush ahead and act contrary to the public interest and public servants are custodians of that wisdom’…
Mr Sturgess said federal Labor’s home insulation fiasco and corruption inquiries in NSW were reminders of recent occasions when public servants should have been ‘‘pushing back’’ more against politicians…
Potecting craft of public servant is crucial

A History Of Office-Speak

office speak
Emma Green drills down into the origin of corporate lingo, runs it up the flagpole, provides added value, and brings increased mindshare to the bottom line. (Don’t worry: the article itself is not stupefying. And don’t forget to take the office-speak quiz!) Crown Offices and Pubs tend to be filled with wonderful characters such as Booby Stark and Slashers like McKay ;-) The Atlantic