Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Mark Scott without fear or favour

The Australian media will likely follow the US and the UK in becoming increasingly politically partisan, according to ABC managing director Mark Scott.
In a speech called 'New Journalism for a New Public', Mr Scott raises the prospect of News Corp gaining a general newspaper monopoly through the week in every capital city except Perth, should Fairfax Media closes its weekday print editions ofThe Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.
''The reason it feels like the Media battle is being waged as though it's winner-takes-all is because that's exactly what it is,'' Mr Scott told a University of Melbourne event Mark Scott This speech is as inspirational as Paul Keating's speech at Redfern in 1992 Mark makes his mark in Antipodean History
Speaking of News Corp’s move to paywalls, Scott said then: "It strikes me as a classic play of old empire, of empire in decline. Believing that because you once controlled the world you can continue to do so, because you once set the rules, you can do so again. Acting on the assumption that you still have the power that befits the Emperor." Mark Scott: News Corp papers never more aggressive than now