Friday, June 02, 2023

How To Create Data-Driven Culture

Journalist Chris Masters: no one comes out of something like this feeling exultant... I don't want people to think of this as a bad day for Australian soldiers I think of those soldiers in terms of not only physical courage but moral courage...I'm so grateful to all of them.
(Chris used to share accommodation with some colourful characters in his youth including Deb ;-)


Some days restore your faith in why we do journalism…and tough journalism that requires an employer with backbone and a public that cares about what we do. Searching for truth is bloody hard work. Glad for and Chris Masters…two of the best.

Sydney Morning Herald and The Age journalist Nick McKenzie said “today is a day of justice” including for the “brave men of the SAS who stood up and told the truth about who Ben Roberts-Smith is: a war criminal, a bully and a liar”.

How To Create Data-Driven Culture

As we expected, ambassadors and others across the bank began working together, making measurements, targeting data cleanups, and eliminating root causes of error. Then, somewhat organically, ambassadors and regular employees began using methods and tools provided in the training in new ways. - Harvard Business Review

Coalition staffers took classified documents after election loss, Labor claims in Senate estimates Labor’s Anne Urquhart tells estimates Services Australia investigated two staff in Linda Reynolds’ office for transferring data off government network

Coalition staffers took classified documents after election loss, Labor claims in Senate

And now

confirms CNN's reporting, but adds details. 1/ "Mr. Meadows did not attend the meeting, but at least two of Mr. Trump’s aides did. One, Margo Martin, routinely taped the interviews he gave for books being written about him that year."

NY Times does it in detail

This has been apparent for months now: Twitter Is a Far-Right Social Network. "Twitter has evolved into a platform

that is indistinguishable from the wastelands of alternative social-media sites such as Truth Social and Parler."

The PwC Scandal Exemplifies How the System Favours Corporates Over Citizens

  • The ATO will return $1 million in fake taxes paid by convicted fraudster Melissa Caddick, days after a coroner declared her dead.
  • Caddick paid the taxes over a number of years in an effort to make her fraudulent business activities look legitimate.
  • The money to be returned by the tax office will go into the asset pool of funds to be distributed to investors.

Melissa Caddick’s fake taxes of $1 million to be repaid by ATO

ATO cracking down on financial crime

ATO deputy commissioner John Ford said individuals who took part in financial crime activities were often complicit in larger criminal activities.

“These criminals are motivated by financial gain, and their activities rob the Australian public of revenue to support essential services such as health and education,” Ford said.

ACT policing criminal investigations detective acting inspector Matt Innes said this type of joint operation proved highly effective.

“The information sharing and joint response activity seen in this operation has once again disrupted those who seek to profit from illegal activities that they consider victimless,” Innes said.

ATO cracking down on financial crime

See why AI like ChatGPT has gotten so good, so fast

Washington Post- free link]: “Artificial intelligence has become shockingly capable in the past year. The latest chatbots can conduct fluid conversations, craft poems, even write lines of computer code while the latest image-makers can create fake “photos” that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. It wasn’t always this way. As recently as two years ago, AI created robotic text riddled with errors. Images were tiny, pixelated and lacked artistic appeal. The mere suggestion that AI might one day rival human capability and talent drew ridicule from academics. A confluence of innovations has spurred growth. Breakthroughs in mathematical modeling, improvements in hardware and computing power, and the emergence of massive high-quality data sets have supercharged generative AI tools. While artificial intelligence is likely to improve even further, experts say the past two years have been uniquely fertile. Here’s how it all happened so fast…”

Study finds Australian garlic kills Covid and flu with ‘99.9 per cent efficacy’

A world-first study reportedly shows certain Australian garlic varieties kill Covid and the flu with “99.9 per cent efficacy” - but not everyone agrees with the findings