Tuesday, June 13, 2023

How Not to Kill Yourself: A Portrait of the Suicidal Mind

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg refuses to deny kissing and groping Rachelle Miller without her consent when she was a junior staffer

Scientists claim >99 percent identification rate of ChatGPT content The Register. That was fast.


Investors must beware deepfake market manipulation FT


Ex-Google safety lead calls for AI algorithm transparency, warns of ‘serious consequences for humanity’ FOX


Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Responses to Public Health Questions JAMA. “ChatGPT consistently provided evidence-based answers to public health questions, although it primarily offered advice rather than referrals.”

Lionel Messi Chooses Inter Miami Defector

Marc Heu Patisserie Paris: A place for Hmong grandmas to shy teenagers Sahan Journal. In St Paul, MN.

  1. al-Farabi’s Philosophy of Logic and Language by Wilfrid Hodges and Therese-Anne Druart.
  2. Pacifism by Andrew Fiala.

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Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media   

  1. How Not to Kill Yourself: A Portrait of the Suicidal Mind by Clancy Martin is reviewed by Jamieson Webster at The Washington Post.
  2. Rome as a Guide to the Good Life by Scott Samuelson is reviewed by Sir Michael Fallon at Classics for All. 
  3. A Terribly Serious Adventure: Philosophy at Oxford 1900-1960 by Nikhil Krishnan is reviewed by John Maier at The Spectator
  4. What About Philosophy: An Illustrated Q&A Book for Kids by Anne-Sophie Chillard and Jean-Chalres Pettier is reviewed by Marissa Moss at The New York Journal of Books. 
  5. Anaximander and the Nature of Science by Carlo Rovelli, translated by Marion Lignana Rosenberg is reviewed by Claire Hall at The London Review of Books.
  6. Inventing Philosophy’s Other: Phenomenology in America by Jonathan Strassfeld is reviewed by Erik Hmiel at The Los Angeles Review of Books.  

BONUS: A critique of Davidson’s Swampman.