Wednesday, June 14, 2023

What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT


Trump open and shut charges sagas

 How A Dark Fleet Moves Russian Oil
The New York Times
 Metro Breach Linked To Computer In Russia, Report Finds
 Kaspersky Says New Zero-Day Malware Hit iPhones, Including Its Own
 $528 Billion Nuclear Cleanup Plan at Hanford Site in Jeopardy
 Secret industry documents reveal that makers of PFAS 'forever chemicals' covered up their health dangers
 Japanese Moon Lander Crashed Because of a Software Glitch

 Millions of Gigabyte Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor
 Fake students stealing aid from colleges
Nanette Asimov
 Tesla leak reportedly shows thousands of Full Self-Driving safety complaints
The Verge
 Tesla data leak reportedly details Autopilot complaints
 Social Media and Youth Mental Health
U.S. Surgeon General
 Meta slapped with record $1.3 billion EU fine over data privacy
 Flaws Found in Using Source Reputation for Training Automatic Misinformation Detection Algorithms
Carol Peters
 Failed Expectations: A Deep Dive Into the Internet's 40 Years of Evolution
Geoff Huston
 AI Poses 'Risk of Extinction,' Industry Leaders Warn
Kevin Roose
 What we *should* be worrying about with AI
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 Artificial intelligence system predicts consequences of gene modifications
 How to fund and launch your AI startup
 Rise of the Newsbots: AI-Generated News Websites Proliferating Online
 Some thoughts on the current AI storm und drang
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 Massachusetts hospitals, doctors, medical groups pilot ChatGPT technology
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 The benefits and perils of using artificial intelligence to trade and other financial instruments
 Professor Flunks All His Students After ChatGPT Falsely Claims It Wrote Their Papers
Rolling Stone
 Top French court backs AI-powered surveillance cameras for Paris Olympics
 Meta's Big AI Giveaway
 Meta hit with record fine by Irish regulator over U.S. data transfers
 AI scanner used in hundreds of US schools misses knives
 Milton resident's against CVS raises questions about the use of AI lie detectors in hiring
The Boston Globe
 EPIC on Generative AI
Prashanth Mundkur
 Reality check: What will generative AI really do for cybersecurity?
 Moody's cites credit risk from state-backed cyber intrusions into U.S. critical infrastructure
 What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT
 Anger over airports' passport e-gates not working
BBC News
 Longer and longer trains are blocking emergency services and killing people
 Denials of health-insurance claims are risingm and getting weirder
 Small plane crashes after jet fighter chase in WashDC area
 Response from American Airlines for delay
Steven J. Greenwald
 Microsoft Finds macOS Bug That Lets Hackers Bypass SIP Root Restrictions
Sergiu Gatlan
 Apps for Older Adults Contain Security Vulnerabilities
Patrick Lejtenyi
 India official drains entire dam to retrieve phone
 Google's Privacy Sandbox
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 WebKit Under Attack: Apple Issues Emergency Patches for 3 New Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
 Q&A: Why is there so much hype about the quantum computer?
 Report Estimates Trillions in Indirect Losses Would Follow Quantum Computer Hack
 Don't Store Your Money on Venmo, U.S. Govt Agency Warns
 Re: An EFF Investigation: Mystery GPS Tracker
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 Re: Three Companies Supplied Fake Comments to FCC (NY AG), but John Oliver didn't
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 Re: Near collision embarrasses Navy, so they order public San Diego
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