Friday, June 23, 2023

Profit Inflation Is Real - titanic tragedy

So much has been said and sung of beautiful young girls, why doesn't somebody wake up to the beauty of old women.

— Harriet Beecher Stowe, born on this date in 1811

Profit Inflation Is Real

More evidence that companies hiking prices because they can is a significant driver of our current inflation.

Opinion | A Nobel Prize-winning journalist calls out a major global digital news report

Rappler’s Maria Ressa says the methodology of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report allows it to be weaponized to attack journalists.

 US senators and spies spar over Section 702 warrantless surveillance The Register

Paranoid Posting The Baffler. Blobfluencers

Stockland Crypto scam: Police seize Ferrari, luxury vehicles in $5.5 million fraud investigation

A professor started tracking ‘Fortune 500 CEO colleges’ 20 years ago, and ‘the results were stunning.’ They haven’t stopped surprising him

Scratch the surface of any Gov Dept and you will likely find PwC up to their necks in multi-million dollar contracts, often with glaringly obvious conflicts of interest. It's time to take action and deregister PwC as a tax agent.

Perhaps most surprisingly of all, Robodebt and PWC have helped the democratic branches discover its willpower

Herzfeld: How Congress Thinks About International Tax Reforms

The Road to Socialism and Back: An Economic History of Poland, 1939–2019

They found the Titan.. 500 feet from the bow of the Titanic... crushed like a Coke can under an elephant's foot... it suffered a pressure failure. Good news is the death had to be instantaneous 
More than 100 years later, Titanic has claimed 5 more victims.

Five dead on Titan sub were 'true explorers' - OceanGate

Search Underway for Titanic-Wreck Submersible With Five Crew Bloomberg. Or not to put too fine a point on it: Hm, Billionaire-Adventurer…. Andrei Martyanov

Titanic shipwreck shown in 3D view BBC

A mild return for Danish phrenology?

A new study in Denmark used machine learning techniques on photographs of faces of Danish politicians to predict whether their political ideology is left- or right-wing. The accuracy of predictions was 61%. Faces of right-wing politicians were more likely to have happy and less likely to have neutral facial expressions. Women with attractive faces were more likely to be right-wing, while women whose faces showed contempt were more likely to be left-wing. The study was published in Scientific Reports.

Of course such results rarely replicate across different countries, including the United States.  Here is the full link, via CB.