Wednesday, June 14, 2023

CCLV George: Snowden Warns Today’s Surveillance Technology Makes 2013 Look Like ‘Child’s Play’

6th Circuit Holds Excessive Restitution Cannot Be Reduced thus Denying IRS Authority to Reduce Excessive Restitution-Based Assessment 

United States v. Asker (6th Cir. No. 21-1643 5/11/23) (Nonpublished) (CA6 here  and GS here ), the court held that where the restitution fo..


SEC Asks For Emergency Order To Freeze Binance US Assets Anywhere In the WorldCNBC


Crypto Billionaires’ Wealth Crushed by SEC After Big 2023 Bounce Bloomberg. They say it as if it’s a bad thing


Price tag of Apple’s newly unveiled ‘Vision Pro’ headset draws mockery New York Post


Investing In America White House 


Poll: Only 16% of Americans Support the Government Issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency Cato Institute 

Merck sues US government to halt Medicare drug price negotiation Reuters 

The Real Reasons Why Workers Are Producing Less New Republic 

 Twitter Files Extra: How the World’s “No-Kidding Decision Makers” Got Organized Andrew Lowenthal. Important.

UK to strip Chinese surveillance cameras from sensitive government sites Financial Times 


EU considers mandatory ban on using Huawei to build 5G Financial Times 

 TSA Expands Controversial Facial Recognition Program CBS

The European Commission and WHO launch landmark digital health initiative to strengthen global health security WHO

Homeland Security Uses AI Tool to Analyze Social Media of U.S. Citizens and RefugeesVice. Resilc; “Remember to celebrate our liberty July 4th……..”