Wednesday, June 28, 2023

PwC: In Delaware, Corporations Are Dangerously Close to Acquiring the Right to Vote

"There is no such thing as belief without doubt or struggle." 

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

The consultancy firm KPMG has launched an internal review to address concerns about potential conflicts of interest after sustained criticism from senators, unions and transparency advocates.

The federal government has paid KPMG to conduct safety and quality audits of aged care facilities, while a separate division within the firm simultaneously charges providers for advice on audits and accreditation.

hKPMG Australia launches internal review after potential conflict-of-interest concerns raised

The man who was CEO of consultancy PwC Australia for the entire tax payments affair, Luke Sayers, has exited as chair of a charity he runs with his wife.

A group of around 20 PwC partners are allegedly preparing to campaign the firm over a "lack of accountability" in tax leaks scandal.

Opinion | Breaking down ProPublica’s Samuel Alito scoop and Alito’s preemptive WSJ response

The Supreme Court justice criticized a ProPublica story in the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal before ProPublica’s story had even posted.

HMRC have marked their own homework on the tax gap again and have awarded themselves a nice mark, as usual

In Delaware, Corporations Are Dangerously Close to Acquiring the Right to Vote Jacobin 

Cannon Fodder: The Judge in the Trump Documents Case Sets An Early Trial Date, But That’s Not Happening Washington Monthly

House GOP votes to censure Schiff over role in Trump investigations Politico 

The man has not been identified by authorities, but Australian media reported the victim as the convicted drug kingpin Alen Moradian - a figure in the illegal cocaine trade.

"He's a major player in the organised crime network and so he has high-level links to the Comancheros [bikie gang]. He obviously had a big target on his back," Mr Doherty told a news conference.

Crime Figure shot dead at Bondi Junction

Gen-Z is taking courses on how to send an email and what to wear in the office, according to a WSJ report

Almost no one uses Bitcoin as currency, new data proves. It’s actually more like gambling

Yes. Rome Did Fall Brad DeLong’s Grasping Reality

How the ‘end of history’ illusion shapes your life choices BBC

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