Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Stop being afraid! Data Governance and Data Management

 Stop being afraid!

China fights a financial fraud explosion FT

Biometrics, Smartphones, Surveillance Cameras Pose New Obstacles for U.S. Spies Wall Street Journal

Enterprises that dont embrace data or are late to the party face serious consequences compared to early adopters. As to talking about good data practices, most people associate the word with only a few of the multitude of practices that constitute a successfully run, data-driven enterprise.   

Data Governance and Data Management

TRUST THE SCIENCE:  Nature: When scientists gave 1,000 vulnerable people hepatitis over 30 years: What sort of system nurtures a decades-long programme of deliberately infecting children and prisoners with a dangerous disease? “There was a time when we could have casually looked down our noses at mid-twentieth-century ignorance about infectious diseases. But with the world still in the throes of a coronavirus pandemic, I was struck by the parallels. Witness how efforts have been focused on the acute impacts of disease (hospitalization, death) without much thought to long-term consequences (disability). Or think of how those with the least agency — children, people in prison, people with severe mental illnesses — have been put at risk by those with the most power.”

Lesson From The Tax Court: Taxpayer 'Filed' Return Even Though IRS Could Not Process It

The List No One Wants To Be On: The Biggest Australian Data Breaches of 2021

Rantanen, Jason, Missing Decisions and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (September 20, 2021). University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Forthcoming, U Iowa Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2021-46.

“Merritt McAlister’s Missing Decisions is an important contribution to our understanding of civil procedure, judicial decision making, and the law itself. McAlister’s study demonstrates that many merits terminations by federal appellate courts aren’t readily accessible to the public, nor do they show up in major legal research databases like Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg. 

Another ‘Sokal’ Hoax? The Latest Imitation Calls an Academic Journal’s Integrity Into QuestionChronicle of Higher Education 


Playing the Bullshit Game: How Empty and Misleading Communication Takes Over Organizations Organization Theory. From 2020, still germane. From the Abstract: “Why is bullshit so common in some organizations? Existing explanations focus on the characteristics of bullshitters, the nature of the audience, and social structural factors which encourage bullshitting. In this paper, I offer an alternative explanation: bullshitting is a social practice that organizational members engage with to become part of a speech community, to get things done in that community, and to reinforce their identity. When the practice of bullshitting works, it can gradually expand from a small group to take over an entire organization and industry. When bullshitting backfires, previously sacred concepts can become seen as empty and misleading talk.”

Give Me Slack Cory Doctorow, Medium. “My parental worries, ca. 2021.” This is very good.

As U.S. Hunts for Chinese Spies, University Scientists Warn of Backlash NYT

Crime on L.A. trains, buses rises as riders return: ‘Poor people are suffering the most’ Yahoo Finance