Monday, December 27, 2021

Do Anything But Be A Writer…

 Happy Birthday, Keith Richards!!! | COOL 100.1 San Angelo's Greatest Hits.

“The Tragedy of Macbeth,” Reviewed: Joel Coen’s Sanitized Shakespeare

Coen’s stripped-down adaptation sets out to normalize Shakespearean language, but he ends up going too far.

“The Tragedy of Macbeth,” Reviewed: Joel Coen’s Sanitized Shakespeare

It’s Awfully Convenient for Shippers that Longshore Workers Get Blamed for Delays, As Contract Fight Looms Labor Notes


The Christmas Class War Tribune


Wyoming Is the Onshore-Offshore Tax Haven of Oligarch Dreams Esquire 

An Incomplete List Of The Writers, Editors, And Great Literary Minds We Lost This Year

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Larry McMurtry, Janet Malcolm, Greg Tate, bell hooks, and so many more. - Literary Hub

As a fish rots from the head, so does Australia’s democracy

A lack of accountability, incompetence, corruption, vilification, a shredded social fabric: the Morrison government is perhaps the worst in history. 

For an overarching story of life and its meaning, we used to turn to religion. Now we turn to  Big History  

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“Babies among all that turpentine and paint rags.” The women of abstract expressionismsuffered the most and were celebrated the least  

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Exhaustion, cynicism, a sense of ineffectiveness or diminished accomplishment — are we all  burning out 

In the wake of the French Revolution, dancing swept Paris. The “waltzmania” was not well received  by all  

Do Anything But Be A Writer…

The aspiring writers imagine that being an author will bring them happiness, fame and fortune. Szymborska tells them to get a grip. Writing is a ridiculous profession, she argues, persuasively. Failure is inevitable. Success is highly conditional and mostly feels like failure as well. - Literary Review

Gary Shteyngart On The Keys To Writing Novels Quickly

The novelist, who says it doesn't get any easier no matter how many you've written, has a few tips like, well, write what you know; stop drinking so much; and use his "patented technique called WNW." - LitHub