Saturday, December 25, 2021

How to Know When Your iPhone Could Be Recording You

 Partnership for Public Service: “This analysis sheds light on our nation’s federal civilian workforce during the Trump administration. What changes occurred throughout the administration’s four years? Did past trends continue or change under President Donald Trump? The Partnership for Public Service analyzed federal workforce data to answer these and other questions. 

Because of its sheer size, it is rare to see substantial shifts government-wide in the size of the workforce or its makeup in just a few years. The Trump administration was no exception. Despite a global pandemic and other disruptive forces, the career workforce remained stable and resilient. However, a few noteworthy changes among specific portions of the workforce emerged during Trump’s time in office–changes that may be of interest to the Biden administration as it seeks to support and strengthen the federal civil service…”

Lifehacker: “You’ve probably had the (legitimate) fear that your smartphone is listening or watching you. Your iPhone certainly isn’t without privacy risks, and you should absolutely audit your settings and all of your app permissions, but one helpful feature that Apple has built in is a visual warning when your device is queued up to record you. There are two indicator lights in the status bar in upper-right corner of the iPhone screen that tell you when one or both of your recording functions are in use. A yellow or orange-looking dot appears when your device’s microphone is active. 

You’ll see a green dot when your camera (or camera plus microphone) is being accessed.  You’ll commonly see these indicator lights when using social media apps that allow you to record and post videos—Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, for example—but other apps that have requested access to your phone’s camera will also trigger the dots…”

How to Know When Your iPhone Could Be Recording You