Wednesday, December 15, 2021

DOJ announces 2021 money mule initiative; action against 4750 in ten week effort

Manpreet Dandiwal - Former employees of a high-profile Toorak-based real estate agent claim he was a secret director of syndicates that bought two development sites on Melbourne’s outer fringes that he or his company were selling, in an alleged breach of the law.

DOJ announces 2021 money mule initiative; action against 4750 in ten week effort; more than 30 charged criminally
DOJ official’s  blog on this effort
BBB updates pet scam study
  • Fake web sites use Christmas theme
  • Complaints continue to increase dramatically
New FTC spotlight looks at scam losses paid by gift card
  • $148 million lost first nine months of 2021, more than all 2020
  • Target gift cards most popular, more than twice any other brand
  • Scammers send victims to Target stores to buy them
  • Median amount of loss to Target cards $2500; twice that for others

Thieves attach $29 Apple Tags to luxury vehicles in parking lots; find home location at night and steal the cars; send location to iPhones
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