Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Lesson From The Tax Court: Who Is An IRS Employee's Immediate Supervisor For §6751 Penalty Approval?

 Industry braces for another fight over IRS tax reporting plan American Banker

The government failed to put adequate measures in place to prevent fraudsters stealing billions of pounds through its Bounce Back Loan scheme, the National Audit Office (NAO) has said.

Counter-fraud activity was "implemented too slowly", which resulted in "high levels of estimated fraud", it said.

It added the Department for Business estimated fraudulent loans were worth £4.9bn, 11% of the total, as of March.

Covid: Bounce Back Loan fraud checks called inadequate by watchdog

Some of Europe’s most wanted criminals are long-term fugitives who have escaped capture by law enforcement for many years. Some of them could even be living relatively ordinary lives at present but have a dark, criminal past that they are desperate to hide. The European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams (ENFAST), supported by Europol, is launching the EU Most Wanted campaign 2021today to focus on fugitives across Europe who are hiding in plain sight.


Investigating Charities – Tracy Z. Maleeff, an Information Security Professional with a Master of Library and Information Science degree, shares recommendations on how to be a charitable person while also safe and smart about where you give your hard-earned money.

Cybersecurity risk to NSW Electoral Commission unanswered weeks out from council elections

 China’s Communist Party Mocks U.S. Democracy Ahead of Biden Summit.

And why should we care if a 3rd world sh*thole who can only survive if we buy their crappy products mocks us?
Divest from China with all possible speed, and ignore them as they they fall apart. (Sending them Fauci and Biden in shipping containers with apples in their mouths is optional, but kind of cheery. We can stamp the containers “return to sender.”  

Lesson From The Tax Court: Who Is An IRS Employee's Immediate Supervisor For §6751 Penalty Approval?

  1. “That various things are simultaneously imaginable and unimaginable is essential to love, our sense of self, and our sense of what is real” — Oded Na’aman (Hebrew U.) on evils, attachment, ambivalence, and the problems with Stoicism

  1. “Human beings are ‘general-purpose culture machines’ capable of creating cultural and moral innovations that permit them to live better and more harmoniously together” — Dan Little (UM-Dearborn) on existentialism for individuals and historicism for human nature
  2. “Stock is quick to point out that she does not believe all trans women are bad” yet “at nearly every instance in the book when trans women are mentioned as agents… they are deceivers, rapists, and violent offenders” — Adam Briggle (North Texas) agrees with Kathleen Stock on “many of her conceptual points,” but, he says, its her “foreboding mood” that drives her arguments
  3. “Like everyone else, Benatar finds his views disturbing” — a profile of David Benatar in by Joshua Rothman in The New Yorker
  4. “Every time I sit down to write an article or do some other research-related task… I have to ask myself: should I be doing this or should I be spending the time with my children?” — John Danaher (NUI) on the “academic parent’s dilemma”
  5. “Philosophical insight arises only from the struggle to cancel this situation of unfreedom and to make the world one’s own in one’s ideas and thought” —if Richard Marshall interviews G.W.F. Hegel at 3:16AM
  6. “We need the burgeoning philosophical field of space ethics to help us tackle the thorny moral questions and complicated debates that growing interest in space exploration raises” — so argues Chelsea Haramia (Spring Hill) at Noema (via Nathan Nobis)

 COVID-19 a Pandemic of Fear ‘Manufactured’ by Authorities: Yale Epidemiologist.

Let’s say you’re one of those insane people who dismissed the low numbers of death/serious illness aboard the Diamond Princess because apparently people on cruise ships have “top quality medical care” (Coo-ey! Is the sky made of candy floss in your world?) in what world — even a candy floss sky one — did it make sense to close local grocery stores but keep walmart open? In what world did it make sense to direct flow in stores so everyone crammed in through the same door, and everyone walked the same path (thereby a crowded/grimy, etc. path)?  In what world did reducing hours of stores make sense? In what world did it make sense to wear a mask to your table then remove it to eat? (Are you less contagious when sitting?) In what world did curfews make sense? In what world did mask mandates outside in botanic gardens and zoos make sense? In what world did it make sense that you were hectored for getting out and driving around, while remaining your car?
In what world did the government stomp on every — no matter how crackpot or inocuous — rumored treatment? In what world, despite all studies to the contrary, do two layers of thin fabric stave off viral infection? In what world are doctors and nurses laid off by the thousands during a supposed pandemic? And finally in what world does it make any sense that a completely ineffective — if not (the numbers are not trustworthy in the sense that we can’t trust anything from collection to reporting, but in the UK there are indications that way) counterproductive — vaccine is being forced on the population by government mandate?

Your government is trying to terrorize you. In face, governments all over the world are trying to terrorize their subjects.  As the “blue model” (Socialist/Marxist-lite model of governance) founders on its internal contradictions and the demise of mass media allows us all to see it, the overreaching, engorged governments and their minions are trying to subdue those they consider their subjects by any means necessary.