Monday, June 28, 2021

AZ vaccine. Scammers hitting consumers in states that have vaccine lotteries

Dear fellow Australians aged over 60, as is so obvious with the latest COVID-19 outbreak locking down all of greater Sydney and beyond for two weeks, our failure to vaccinate our population has left us vulnerable to ever more dangerous variations of the SARS virus.

COVID-19 is a horrible disease and abundant worldwide experience has demonstrated that we “oldies” over 60 (there are more than four million of us in Australia) are most vulnerable to serious infection and even death if infected. Bottom line: you don’t want to get COVID.

 Should I get my second AstraZeneca dose? Yes, it almost doubles your protection against Delta

WE KNOW ENOUGH:  What We Know About the Origins of Covid-19: Key findings from The Wall Street Journal’s investigation into how the global pandemic began. Some key bits:

A Journal investigation found China resisted international pressure for an investigation it saw as an attempt to assign blame, delayed the probe for months, secured veto rights over participants and insisted its scope encompass other countries as well.

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Consumer Survey on counterfeit goods

  • 57% have unknowingly bought counterfeits
  • 18% did so knowing they were counterfeits
  • More bought on web sites than from Amazon, eBay

Review and recommendation:  Unsettled, What climate science tells us, what it doesn’t, and why it matters, by Steven E. Koonin, physicist at Caltech, Undersecretary of Science in the US Energy Department in the Obama Administration.  Everyone agrees that there is more Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but it is tough to pierce the fog of politics and media to figure out what data we have about climate change, how reliable it is, and whats that data means  This quite readable book should help every informed citizen get a better grasp on key issues such as how much of climate change is natural, how much is man made, and what are our options for dealing with this?
           BBB Studies. Here are links to some of the study topics: puppy fraud, tech support fraud, romance fraud money mules, apartment rental, crooked movers, government imposters, online vehicle sale scams, rental fraud and gift cards.

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