Saturday, June 26, 2021

In difficult times carry something beautiful in your heart

In difficult times carry something beautiful in your heart.

— Blaise Pascal, born in 1623

Preferred Risk: insurance

City of Sydney boundary runs down the middle of King Street Newtown, so non-essential businesses on one side will shut but the other side can stay open. The joys of health orders

Will We Ever Know What Ghislaine Maxwell Knows?

Why Newspapers Should Revive The Vanishing Art Of Obituaries

“We all know people who we think are so cool, or interesting, or exciting, but a lot of times those stories vanish if no one is there to tell them.” – Poynter

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Janet Malcolm, whose literary reportage evinced an unsparing and precise gaze on the world, is dead. She was 86 ... NYTimes ... WaPo .. The New Yorker ... Guardian ... New Republic ... Ian Frazer ... Laura Marsh ... Leo Robson ... more »

NEVER GIVE IN TO THE MOB: Mumford & Sons Banjo Player Regrets Caving to the Cancel Culture Mob. Now, He’s Done Being Quiet.

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The first of Dostoevsky’s seizures happened on his honeymoon. "If I had known as a fact that I had genuine epilepsy, I would not have married"... more »