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Covid at the Westfield East Gardens: Also Bizarre How Triguboff Managed to sell 20 storey high rises that are built on swamps and water Tables

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Paul, I'm hearing reports that there are big queues to get into the Westfield Eastgardens Cinema. Because it's technically outside the Randwick LGA..... We're doomed.

186 people - most likely fans of Harry- from NSW red zones flew to Queensland yesterday. And got turned straight back around at the airports. Seriously, is it entitlement or stupidity that they think they're special? #covid19au

It’s NSW forcing other jurisdictions to do the unpopular work for them. Outsourcing if you will.

Self serving self-centeredness stupidity....

Speaking of stupidity, how  many migrants became millionaires based on stupidity … and strange lobbying: Look at Triguboff who still speaks with thick Russian accent yet  understands weaknesses in the human nature and how to select the appropriate officials  to champion his causes. Was not former Clerk to the NSW Public Accounts Committee and Mayor of Sydney Frank SARTOR satiorally called a Mayor for Triguboff?

Any other city newspaper would not give anyone who writes and expresses opinions like Triguboff any prime space in editorial pages - anywhere in Europe community clowns like Harry would be classified as satire writers

Dick Smith is one of the few who exposed Harry the Nero Without any clothes or common wealth ideas … 

“Harry, I believe you – you have extraordinary political influence.

Some people laugh if anyone quotes the Robert Menzies ‘forgotten peoples’ speech when he said:

“One of the best instincts in us is that which induces us to have one little piece of earth with a house and a garden which is ours.”

Sydney property developer Harry Triguboff (he owns a company called Meriton) says Sydney has too much green and not enough grey, and if you want to look at trees - well go and visit Katoomba.

In an interview 
(read here), Triguboff is quoted as saying that Sydney has too many Reserves and National Parks. "You go north and we have all these reserves and you go south and you have all the reserves, and they are the best part of the coast. That is crazy. We should be building on this area," he said. "If they want to see trees, they can go to Katoomba, there are plenty of trees there."

“Sydney is a very strange place. The only place in the world where they have so many national parks. Everywhere, national parks. They are only good for snakes. No one else goes there .”

People who cannot master fluent English or even Russian seem to be able to con most people … Butt (sic) not all!

Has anyone truly examined how politicians were able to give Harry permission to built the 20 storey monstrosity in Pagewood. The land that is cursed with the Offset Alpine Fire and Neville Wran’s special Abe Saffron and Frank Lowy bill to built the Westfield there… 

Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made. To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making.

I have seen with my own crown employee eyes at the bear and snake pit how these planning and development panels do not dare question anything Meriton does, pretty much what Meriton wants it gets.

You also wonder what leads high profile people to sue for defamation when there are so many skeletons in their closet?

 “Minister Stokes has to find a way to build in Little Bay (1900 units) at once,” Mr Triguboff said in a letter to Mr Perrottet  ...

24 June 2020 — Harry Triguboff's Meriton fails to secure Little Bay high-rise approval · The controversial plan was to build 1900 high-rise apartments

18 Dec 2020 — Mr Triguboff said it was time the federal government looked ... Mr Triguboff said apartment rents were not rising because people ... +1 ie lower that a snake's ?

8 Nov 2019 — 2006: Harry Triguboff: Let's trade TREES for Homes! 2011: The Power Index: The Man who many say Ruined

11 Oct 2006 — IT'S simple, says Harry Triguboff. Sydney has too much green and not enough grey, and if you want to look at trees

25 May 2021 — Banyan Tree, an international hotel and resort operator, assembled its site in 2014 at a cost of $50 million and gained

Harry Oscar Triguboff was born on 3rd March 1933 in Dalian, Chuna. He is an Australian property

8 Dec 2017 — Harry Triguboff is the hard man of Australian property. He is known for his sharp temper and his public battles with everyone from  ...
Parents: Moshe Triguboff
Nationality: Australia

Authorities are at a loss to explain how one wing of a 40-year-old apartment block on the Florida coast suddenly collapsed in the early hours of Thursday morning, resulting in deaths, injuries and leaving scores of residents still missing.

But theories are emerging.

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