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Data Governance: Governing data for sustainable business

I found the book's approach to be refreshing.... It states the importance of governance at the core of managing data, and re-enforces the forgotten responsibility in data management as a discipline that is critical to any organisation.

~ Tyson Fawcett Honorary Associate, University of Technology - Sydney Australia

Data Governance: Governing data for sustainable business

ISBN-13: 978-1780173757, ISBN-10: 178017375X

Product Description

Every week brings news of an organisation that has distributed data that shouldn't have been shared, or has lost out to a competitor who is using data to drive business in an innovative way. Data is fundamentally changing the nature of businesses and organisations and the mechanisms for delivering products and services. This book is a practical guide to developing strategy and policy for data governance, in line with the developing ISO 38505 governance of data standards and best practice frameworks. It will assist an organisation wanting to become more of a data driven business by explaining how to assess the value, risks and constraints associated with collecting, using and distributing data.


I found the book's approach to be refreshing.... It states the importance of governance at the core of managing data, and re-enforces the forgotten responsibility in data management as a discipline that is critical to any organisation.--Tyson Fawcett "Honorary Associate, University of Technology - Sydney Australia" 

"A highly practical journey into the need for demonstrable accountability, meaningful stakeholder engagement, and sound data governance across the whole lifecycle based on internationally recognised and adaptable standards, as a business imperative for better decision making. A must read for any digitally and socially responsible leader who navigates the intended and unintended outcomes of their data, technology, people, and ethics, on their business, customers, and wider society.--Patricia Shaw "CEO, Beyond Reach Consulting Limited - a tech ethics consultancy" 

Data Governance and Data Strategy are two of the hottest topics in data management today. This insightful and wide ranging book, tracing the history of data and its management from Ancient Babylon to Artificial Intelligence, is a must read for all who seek success in their own data journeys.--Nigel Turner "Principal Consultant, Global Data Strategy Ltd" 

FINALLY, an in-depth global data governance guide that delivers expert best practices to a diversity of stakeholders for modelling strategy, regulatory frameworks and business sustainability.--Caryn Lusinchi "Founder & CEO of Bias in AI" 

The value of data has been well recognized but people may fall into the pitfall of only looking into details and not seeing the big picture. This book provides the guidance of defining a data strategy and its implementation systematically, emphasizing the aspects that are likely to be overlooked, like risks and threats. It is a handbook that is helping me to design the digital platform for my company.--Tiancheng Liu "Vice President, Easy Visible Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd." 

Working over several decades with data, it was refreshing to read this book on data governance, which clearly explains evolving ISO standards, while recognizing that data are now very connected and valuable assets. This book, through diverse examples, illustrates the policies and processes needed to protect and exploit data during its lifecycle, from creation/collection to disposal.--Peter A. Campbell "Independent Business and Information Management Consultant, Founding Member & Director, BeLux chapter of DAMA"

About the Author

An internationally acclaimed expert in corporate governance of data, IT and sustainability management, Alison Holt is Director and Founder of Longitude 174 Limited. Alison Holt chairs the New Zealand mirror groups for the development of international IT governance and IT service management standards, and is the author of the BCS book, 'Governance of IT.'


 Creativity cannot be forced, but must be permitted to emerge. Even the Dorrigo farmer cannot make the germ develop and sprout from the seed; he can only supply the nurturing conditions which will permit the seed to develop its own potentialities. 

Tyson Fawsett | Chief Data & Analytics Officer Public Sector


Tyson Fawcett - ATO's Most Important Asset – Data - SlideShare

Big data: With great data comes great responsibility - Open Access Government – “Dr Florian Kerschbaum from the University of Waterloo, argues that with great data comes great responsibility in this big data focus. Big data helps us combat the pandemic and build cleaner tech-nology – amongst many other benefits. We collect exposure data to contain and trace the spread of the coronavirus. Genome databases can help build better medications and vaccines. Personalised medicine may eventually allow defeating cancer. We collect household energy consumption to build a smart grid that helps save energy and supports renewable energy sources. Car and ride-sharing services in combination with electrical cars will eventually revolutionise transportation and lead to significantly lower carbon emissions. All these services are based on the collection, processing and sharing of big data, personal data. They come with great societal benefits, but they also come with risks if not handled properly. Personal data stored within large repositories of companies are regularly exfiltrated in data breaches. Almost every individual in Western society has been subject to their data being exposed in almost always multiple data breaches. Nation-state actors have been exposed to conduct cyber-espionage on individuals and companies. Although it is 2021, George Orwell’s novel 1984 is a distinct possibility nowadays. So, we must ask ourselves: How do we combine Western civil liberties with the advance of ubiquitous data collection technologies?…”