Monday, April 30, 2018

Why So Many People Make Their Password ' MEdia Dragon'

The Power of suggestion as almost 666,666 viewers clock virtual visit MD in the last sweet 16 Years ... We do boast a huge and rich family in many corners of this world ... Ten minutes of your life could be mine if you read this entry slowwwwwly - The last man who knew everything

Wired - April 22, 2018
Each year since 2011, the security firm SplashData has released a list of the most commonly used passwords, based on caches of leaked account credentials. The annual list, intended as a reminder of humanity’s poor password practices, always includes predictable entries like “abc123,” “123456,” and “letmein.” But one entry, finishing in the top 20 every year, has stood out since the beginning: "dragon." But why? Is it because of the popularity of the television adaption of Game of Thrones, which first premiered the same year as the popular passwords list? Is it because so many Dungeons & Dragons fans got their accounts pwned? Well, maybe, in part. But the most convincing explanation is simpler than you might think.