Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Art Of Folkloric and Nairobi’s Dancing

Malchkoeun and I have a lot in common including the past love for dancing  

Tatranka Folkloric Group Subor Tribute to Marta Chamilova


The Art Of Nairobi’s Dancing Buses

Matatu are the privately owned buses that have transported at least 60 percent of Nairobi’s population since the early ’60s. The word matatu comes from the Kikuyu word for “three,” referring to the three ten-cent coins used to pay for a ride to the city when matatus first started operating. … Read More

How Did Kendrick Lamar Win The Music Pulitzer? Let The Pulitzer Prize Administrator Tell You

How One Joke On ‘Roseanne’ Explains The Entire Show

IMPORTANT NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Vaginas absolutely need sex or they’ll waste away: study

Emily Nussbaum: "It would feel good to critique the new version [of the show] with a tolerant smile - to say simply that you shouldn't judge any sitcom too harshly, early on. ... I can't write that review, though, and it's because of zingers like the one above, dog whistles that won't let you stay inside Roseanne." … Read More

A Great Play About (Of All Issues) Urban Renewal – August Wilson’s ‘Two Trains Running’

"The narrow lens is one of the play's surprises: It examines the titanic forces of urban renewal via a single establishment, never leaving the checkerboard-tiled stage of [Memphis Lee's] diner. For a play about sweeping change, what emerges is a slow portrait, one that tries to convince you that everything depends on the fate of this single black-owned soul-food cafe in Pittsburgh. ... Another surprise in Two Trains Running is how far the play's fears still echo today, some 50 years after the events depicted (and nearly 30 years since its debut)." … Read More

If we’re willing to accept historical movies as somewhat fictionalized, there is value in the chance that such a film might spark a deeper and more academic interest in the subject matter. I must confess though, I can’t but help be reminded of Dan Rather’s “fake but true” approach to journalism that led to his firing from CBS, where falsities are used to propagate an unproven truth. The difference of course is that movies require some degree of suspension of our disbelief. Documentaries and news are no place for fictionalization

Innovating is like dancing 

Just as skilled dancers can sequence steps to a song, so too can innovators draw on skills to address new policy challenges in new ways. If you are in business of ‘dance instruction’, training other public servants to innovate, we invite you to read our blogsign up to our community platform and join our ‘Innovation Skills Builders’ discussion group where we connect with colleagues and share practice.