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The Global Tax Deal And The New International Economic Governance : Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst on the perils of covering war

How Oil Companies Manipulate Journalists Nation 

ASIC investigates mystery caravan park resident who owns 20 companies

Billabong founder on the ATO hook for $50 million on EY advice. What’s the scam?

McDonald's to pay France $1.3 billion in tax fraud case

HMRC issues updated list of tax avoidance schemes with warning to 'get out'

Accounting firm controlled by Exclusive Brethren church to close after extraordinary ATO raid

A federal government plan to unwind a “callous” tax campaign designed to extract historical debts does not go far enough and should include compensation for those who were unfairly pressured into making payments, critics of the scheme say.

The ATO program dubbed “robotax” was designed to raise as much as $15.2bn by pursuing an assortment of debts – many of which were inadvertently accrued decades ago and had been hidden from taxpayers

Government plan to fix ‘robotax fiasco’ doesn’t go far enough, critics say

The Crypto Tax Changes You Need To Know About

Tax crime prosecution case studies show that people who deliberately cheat the tax system will be held accountable.

The Kinder, Gentler IRS? Where?

Kysar: The Global Tax Deal And The New International Economic Governance

Yacht sinks after being rammed by orcas in Strait of Gibraltar BBC. “Scientists are unsure about the exact causes of the behaviour, but believe the highly intelligent mammals could be displaying ‘copycat’ or ‘playful’ behaviour.” And heaven knows we need more playfulness!

“That will give the Tax Office a big river of data to see transactions happening in the economy in real time and turning their mind to how those transactions should be taxed very early on,” Molesworth said.
ATO funding to bring more taxpayers under real-time scrutiny

Debt — and delinquencies — are on the rise for Americans CNN

EU Commission Plans to Strip Funding From Public Prosecutors Investigating Ursula von der Leyen’s Pfizergate Scandal

Surely just a coincidence!

We have found the limits of the digital world. There is still a need for human beings. HMRC should acknowledge the fact

The National Audit Office has issued a damning report on HM Revenue & Customs telephone support services, saying: Customers cumulatively spent 798 years on hold
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HMRC needs to be in every town and city in the country

I have posted this video on YouTube this morning. In it, I argue that over the last ten years or so, our tax authority has
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Opinion | Q&A: Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst on the perils of covering war

Yingst, 30, has spent the past several years in some of the most dangerous places in the world.

In Hollywood movies, the most shameful thing is to be poor. In Bollywood movies, the most shameful thing is to be unmanly or unfeminine.

The culture of Hollywood vs. the culture of Bollywood

Data brokers are undermining country’s safety, privacy and security “In Jersey and beyond, our law enforcement, judges and elected officials are putting both their privacy and lives on the line to serve. We must take steps in Congress and beyond to protect the well-being of those who choose to work for the people. New Jersey saw the acute need for privacy for our public officials in 2020, after witnessing the senseless killing of 20-year-old Daniel Anderl. 

Daniel’s killer targeted his mother, U.S. District Judge Esther Salas, and located her family because their address was publicly available. Tragically, she became a target because of her public service. In response, the state of New Jersey took action and passed “Daniel’s Law,” which created protections to ensure the sensitive data of public servants and their families would not be publicly accessible. The law also targeted third-party data brokers who make billions of dollars each by selling people’s personal information, including public officials’. 

Now, four years later, Daniel’s Law is recklessly being undermined by data brokers yet again — this time, endangering our law enforcement. Recently, more than 18,000 New Jersey law enforcement personnel filed a class action lawsuit against LexisNexis Risk Data Management, one arm of a sprawling empire. These officers claim that LexisNexis retaliated against them after exercising their right to remove personal, identifying information under Daniel’s Law. LexisNexis allegedly froze their credit, falsely claiming the officers were identity theft victims, and seriously hurt their credit histories. 

This case illustrates a fundamental problem. Data brokers’ sprawling influence over the lives of American consumers undermines our safety, privacy and security. These brokers influence Americans’ credit history, which in turn impacts their ability to access credit, insurance services, mortgages and health care. Individuals who want to shield their data from brokers, including the law enforcement personnel from New Jersey, have a lot to lose if something goes wrong. And, their only recourse is the courts, which is both expensive and slow. We need stronger industry guardrails to protect consumers and ensure due process…”

See also Data Brokers and the Sale of Data on U.S. Military Personnel – “The data brokerage ecosystem is a multi-billion-dollar industry comprised of companies gathering, inferring, aggregating, and then selling, licensing, and sharing data on Americans as well as providing technological services based on that data. 

After previously discovering that data brokers were advertising data about current and former U.S. military personnel, this study sought to understand (a) what kinds of data that data brokers were gathering and selling about military servicemembers and (b) the risk that a foreign actor, such as a foreign adversary government, could acquire the data to undermine U.S. national security. 

This study involved scraping hundreds of data broker websites to look for terms like “military” and “veteran,” contacting U.S. data brokers from a U.S. domain to inquire about and purchase data on the U.S. military, and contacting U.S. data brokers from a .asia domain to inquire about and purchase the same. It concludes with a discussion of the risks to U.S. military servicemembers and U.S. national security, paired with policy recommendations for the federal government to address the risks at hand.”