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119 King St NewTown: Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, Newtown

i saw a single tiktok in which a woman mispronounced gnocchi “yonkees” and unfortunately for everyone in my life i am going to say it that way forever now.

— molly conger (@socialistdogmom) May 15, 2024

 Your potato peeling days are over. . . 

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, Newtown

Gnocchi is the star of the show at this cosy Italian eatery in Newtown

What more could a gnocchi fan dream of than a whole menu dedicated to the soft little pillows of pasta? Well, this ‘gnoccheria’ in Newtown went and installed Aperol and Limoncello Spritzes on tap. And it’s pretty much heaven.

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers in Newtown is the first Sydney outpost of the popular market stall-turned-restaurant. The shopfront is buttery yellow and unassuming, and inside you’ll find a relaxed set up. The star of the show becomes evident upon perusal of the gnocchi-dedicated menu, which is well priced.

While gnocchi is the main focus of the menu, the starters won’t disappoint – just make sure you wear your stretchy pants. If you arrive starving, the creamy porcini, truffle and prosecco soup served in a little pot with garlic bread is a great way to divert onset symptoms of hangriness. 

The restaurant’s most popular gnocchi dish comes with a wild mushroom and truffle sauce, or opt for the classic bolognese gnocchi. Of course, you can’t have an Italian menu drawing on the classics without pesto, and we also like the sounds of the bisque gnocchi with lobster and barramundi. 

Another highlight on the menu is the Napolitana-based lamb shank gnocchi, which comes with a rich sauce, the whole shank – bone and all – and topped with chives. 

Some other plates include the crowd-favourite arancini; salt and pepper calamari; and a mixed leaf parmesan salad topped with caramelised walnuts and balsamic dressing. 

Full you will be at the end of your gnocchi. Though, be sure to save room for dessert. All the hits are on the menu: four types of panna cotta, tiramisu and a Sicilian ricotta cannoli. And even if you think you’re filled to the brim, you can always knock back a shot of limoncello or assemble your own affogato. 

Whether it's a hearty meal to line the stomach before a night out on the (New)town, or comfort food ordered to take away after a long day, eating at Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers feels like getting a nice warm hug.

Well, this ‘gnoccheria’ in Newtown went and installed Aperol and Limoncello Spritzes on tap. And it’s pretty much heaven

Australia's pre-eminent dedicated gnoccheria venues, Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers arrived in Sydney in 2021 following the immense popularity of its Queensland restaurants.

Co-Founders Ben Cleary-Corradini and Theo Roduner have brought the dedicated gnocchi hub from humble beginnings as a food stall in Brisbane to now boast six potato-loving stores across Australia including this 60-seat Sydney venue.

The comfort food haven has located in Newtown, tucked away near mainstays like Mapo GelatoBella Brutta and Chololo on north-King Street. Unlike other Italian restaurants, this venue specialises in and strictly serves — you guessed it — gnocchi. These pillowy clouds of potato reign supreme here, with no other form of carb-heavy competition in sight. As a result, the menu boasts an impressive variety of gnocchi-focused dishes, including crowd-pleasers like traditional beef bolognese ($16.50) or the spicy tomato and black olive ($16.50).

If you're hoping for vegan or vegetarian options, you're in luck with the spicy vegan gnocchi ($18.50) to the creamy basil pesto ($16.50), or you can opt for a heftier spread with one of the restaurant's meal deals like the Vegetarian Couples Deal ($44) or the Vegan Lovers Meal ($29.50).

For those looking to trial a range or seek to explore a variety of options, feel free to sample away — there is a gnocchi degustation option available for $95. Sink your teeth into six different gnocchi offerings without the burden of choice.

For the full experience, pair your pasta with a few sides. Opt for the Italian mopping bread (two for $2.50) to soak up the leftover sauce, the salt and pepper calamari ($15) and truffle salted chips ($8) for some extra crunch, or the mesclun house salad ($13) for some added freshness.

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers offers indoor dining options, as well as daily delivery and takeaway from 4–10pm, so that you are able to enjoy the range of dishes from the comfort of your own home.