Tuesday, May 07, 2024

17 Ways To Regulate BigTech With Tax


‘Absurd!’: US Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate Than Working Class for First Time

“It’s time to tax the billionaires,” economist Gabriel Zucman argues in a new analysis.

It’s Time to Tax the Billionaires Gabriel Zucman, New York Times

17 Ways To Regulate BigTech With Tax

Zhang: Fiscal Citizenship And Taxpayer Privacy

May the 4th Be With You—Want to Fight Fraud? ‘This is the Way…’

“Level 25 of 255 and Beyond Inc … There is no moral valence to someone just not liking us.” “There’s a goodness and richness in this sort of predestined suffering.” — the moral sensibilities of Lillian Fishman, advice columnist at The Point

Narinder Sandhu - Conman, 62, who fleeced Royal Mail out of £77million over a decade while buying himself luxury cars is jailed after duping service with false declarations in 'biggest ever' postal scam

It was only a matter of time before a state government version of robodebt surfaced from the murky swamp of automated debt collection.

The New South Wales government has claimed the red ribbon after the Commonwealth was forced to hold the Royal Commission into the Robodebt Scheme.

Revenue NSW engaged in fines maladministration, says ombud

Russian Mercenaries Hunt the African Warlord America Couldn’t Catch Rolling Stone

Somalia detains US-trained commandos over theft of rations Arab News

Government ordered to disclose Sunak’s hedge fund emails Good Law Project

Baby boomers are losing their life savings to phone scammers claiming to provide tech support, authorities say Fortune 

SEC shuts down Trump Media auditor over ‘massive fraud’ Financial Times

Humans Now Share the Web Equally With Bots, Report Warns Independent

It’s the Private Economy that’s Broken, not the Federal Government Douglad

IT’S HOW THE MACHINE WORKS: Thoughts on Selective Law Enforcement. “You have a right to free speech, but that doesn’t give you a First Amendment right to camp out on my lawn with protest signs. That’s trespassing. But government officials sometimes allow trespassing when they sympathize with the trespasser’s viewpoint. Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC have refused to remove progressive anti-Israel protesters camping out at private universities — Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania, and George Washington University.”

This should give rise to civil rights lawsuits. Plus:

As a University of Pennsylvania alumnus notes, these illegal protests are only being allowed by progressive officials because of the viewpoint they are expressing. If the protesters were “white nationalists waving nazi flags and telling black people they should go back to Africa I’m sure [police] would be out there pretty quickly” to remove them. . . . This favoritism by progressive cities violates the First Amendment. According to the Supreme Court, the government cannot favor certain kinds of protests over others.

But that’s how the left rolls: “For my friends, everything. For my enemies: The law.”

Plus: “From what I can gather, the problem in cities is usually not that the police department itself is unwilling to assist, but that they are under orders from the mayor, afraid of upsetting far left constituents, to stand down. 

This is going a bit beyond my expertise, but from what I understand the Justice Department could and should, but won’t under the Biden administration, investigate whether these police departments are violating the terms of their federal funding, and also denying equal protection of the law, by refusing to enforce the law for ideological and political reasons. 

An added factor is that this lack of enforcement is to the specific detriment of Jewish students who have disproportionately faced threats, intimidation, and violence from people at the encampments.”

The most dysfunctional state in America? Soaring unemployment, sky-rocketing debt and punishing taxes send residents fleeing.