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Crossword puzzles work because words are drenched in meanings, shapes, and sounds

 Considering the havoc that it causes, the price to get access to your data is worryingly cheap.

The cost can be anywhere from $1,500 — about the same price as floor tickets to Taylor Swift — or as high as $15,000, but is usually somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000.

Access is sold on the dark web with advertisements including details like what type of business has been attacked, the country it's in, how much money the business turns over and the asking price, but not the name of the business that's been hacked.

Initial access brokers are the latest cybercriminals targeting Australians. Here's how they work

Crossword puzzles work because words are drenched in meanings, shapes, and sounds. Becca Rothfeld explains... more »

 CISA published a new dedicated High-Risk Communities webpage comprised of cybersecurity resources to support civil society communities at heighted risk of digital security threats, including cyber hygiene guidance, a repository of local cyber volunteer programs, and free or discounted tools and services. Despite their vulnerability to advanced cyber threats, many civil society organizations operate on lean budgets and cannot significantly invest in cybersecurity. CISA’s High-Risk Communities webpage provides resources specifically for civil society organizations, such as:

For more information on the initiative, read Associate Director Clayton Roman’s blog post, JCDC Working and Collaborating to Build Cyber Defense for Civil Society and High-Risk Communities. Visit Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative to learn more about the planning effort that aided in developing these valuable resources.”

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Based on Musk’s history as the owner of the social network, you can see why the news has been met with skepticism.


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