Saturday, April 13, 2024

Lexus GX550 : life of blogging is simple just notice what you notice

Christian mother who forwent cancer treatments to protect her unborn child succumbs to cancer | Blaze Media

  Lexus GX550 vs. Land Rover Defender 130 vs. Mercedes-Benz G550: Which Luxury SUV Is Best Off-Road? The high-end 4×4 market has never been so competitive.

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Has a novel ever made you desperate to travel somewhere? I’m reading The Historian, and I’m now dying to visit Eastern Europe. I want to see the Morava River and Danube, visit High Tatra Mountains, and spend weeks in Dubrovnik. And, okay, maybe visit the monastery on an island in the middle of Lake Snagov! (Map of the Danube via wikivoyage.) Anyone else?

SCIENCE ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS: Will an Open Bottle of Fine Bourbon Ever Go Bad?

Apples Never Fall is no Big Little Lies — but it shows how author Liane Moriarty earned her prestige TV throne. Liane Moriarty

MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT: Librarian Encouraged Libraries to Have Books and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

A clever ad campaign by an Ikea franchiseehighlights how their products for kids can’t quite replace the support and comfort offered by their caregivers

Body Problem (Netflix): Great! A captivating mix of big ideas, a compelling mystery, and spectacular set-pieces like the Cultural Revolution, strange worlds, the ship cutting and more. Of course, there are some weaknesses. 3 Body Problem falters in its portrayal of genius, rendering the British scientists as too normal, overlooking the obsessiveness, ambition, and unconventionality often found in real-world geniuses. Ironically, in its effort to diversify gender and race, the series inadvertently narrows the spectrum of personality and neurodiversity. Only Ye Wenjie, traumatized by the cultural revolution, obsessed by physics and revenge, and with a messianic personality hits the right notes. Regardless, I am eager for Season 2.

Shogun (Hulu): Great meeting of cultures. Compelling plot, based on the excellent Clavell novel. I didn’t know that some of the warlords of the time (1600) had converted to Christianity. (Later banned and repressed as in Silence). Shogun avoids two traps, the Japanese have agency and so does the European. Much of it is in Japanese with 

The sex industry was one of 18th century Britain’s most lucrative enterprises, and the women and girls at the centre of this trade enraptured the nation, endlessly feeding society with tantalising tales from behind closed doors. But all too often, their voices have been left down the back of history’s sofa, largely due to the…